ASU Fulton Center

ASU Fulton Center

300 East University Drive
Tempe, Arizona

The ASU Fulton Center is a 162,293 RSF building comprised of office and retail space.  The main building is six stories high with a two-story parking garage annex.  Built in 2005, it is home to ASU Foundation, University Administration, University Initiatives and College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration and dedicated to honor Ira A. and Mary Lou Fulton.  The Fulton Center was also the first Arizona State University building to receive LEED certification and won the 2009 TOBY Award.

The Fulton Center is located at the busiest pedestrian intersection in Tempe, Arizona, across the street from Old Main ASU’s most historic building.  Built in 1898, Old Main was Tempe Normal School from which Teddy Roosevelt addressed the community in 1911 for the dedication of the Roosevelt Dam.  The Fulton Center features red brick and window treatment on the west, north and east sides of the building, including the retail area known as College Avenue Marketplace.  The building’s signature is a dramatic crystalline prism cut into the reflective glass wall situated above the main entry.  The prism is nearly three stories high and is referred to as “The Window into ASU.”  Banners suspend in the window to display messages and images that can be changed to reflect events or concepts.  Architecturally, the Fulton Center embodies the spirit of the Foundation and expresses respect for ASU’s strong heritage.


Location: Tempe, AZ
Building Size: 162,293 RSF
Services: Development
Construction Management
Property Management
Type: Office & Retail