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Lincoln Property Company has adopted a new virtual credit card payment program, VendorPay, as its standard for paying all vendors going forward. Payment via this new platform, which uses virtual credit cards, is more secure and efficient than payment via check. Vendors who opt-in to VendorPay will be placed on a preferred vendor list shared across the LPC portfolio.

Opt-in to VendorPay to get paid faster!

Key benefits for you:
  • faster payment (as fast as 48 hours)
  • preferred vendor status for a major national property management company
  • better security (no sharing of sensitive bank data)
  • save some trees (eliminate paper checks and manual processing!)
How to opt in:
Complete the short form on the right side of this page by providing:
  • company name
  • a payment remittance email address (generally an accounting inbox)
  • Company EIN

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“Replacing checks with VendorPay, is a win-win-win. Our vendors get paid faster, accountants are relieved of envelope-stuffing duties and management can track the entire process from invoice receipt to cleared payment, all within WorkSpace.”


Helen Lloyd
Lincoln Property Company